"Handling Change don't treat it as a health and safety course, they treat it as something for the person to take away as a life skill."  

We pride ourselves on being different to our competitors, because we talk common sense.  We have a unique style of training and engaging with your workforce, combined with our proven 4Safe™ lifting technique, which ultimately results in a dramatic decline in workplace injuries.

We passionately believe in supporting young talent and are proud of the relationship that we have created within our local community with the staff and students of Reading University.  Together, we have created our branding materials, our iconic 4Safe™ images and have set up a network of foreign language speakers to ensure our materials can be translated to suit the needs of any international company.

Our expertise is designed to stay with your teams – not just after we’ve left the site, but years down the line.  That’s why we use the latest technology to provide you with high quality, affordable support materials that can maximise the value of our programmes by continuing to educate your staff well into the future.


“Not only are my people buzzing about this course, they also - more importantly - understand the messages” 

Handling Change integrates with the needs of your business – by fully immersing ourselves and working closely together, we are able to fully understand your requirements.  We get to know you and your culture and tailor our delivery so it ‘hits the spot’.

Our trainers have many talents.  Whether speaking with operatives or management, they have a very unique ability to gain ‘buy in’ – something that we are extremely proud of.  Using their vast experience in leadership and problem solving, they have time and time again proved to be very skilled at removing barriers to success.

Simply put, we believe that if you talk sense, people listen.  If you talk nonsense, they don’t!

But don’t just take our word for it….hear what some of our customers have to say.



“It’s a very positive investment in our great people”

So many companies claim to monitor and maintain the health and wellbeing of their people but what does that really mean?  For us, it means taking a 360° approach – continually linking the tasks performed in the workplace to our everyday lives.

Handling Change has developed an innovative and unique way of tackling the common injuries associated with manual handling.  Our ‘Lifting Skills for Life’ comprise of four simple steps that anyone can do – after all, safe lifting is not just something that you should do at work, but a habit that should be performed in every task that you do.

Our approach to First Aid training is no different; rather than providing a general ‘blanket’ course that can often be too overwhelming and challenging to remember in a short space of time, we deliver specific examples using realistic and relevant scenarios.

We also have the opportunity to bring you our discreet Healthcheck Clinics, where we assess your employees on a one-to-one basis.  Following our assessment, each team member is provided with necessary health advice and you are given detailed information about the wellbeing of your workforce as a whole.