"Handling Change don't treat it as a health and safety course, they treat it as something for the person to take away as a life skill."  

We pride ourselves on being different to our competitors, because we talk common sense.  We have a unique style of training and engaging with your workforce, combined with our proven 4Safe™ lifting technique, which ultimately results in a dramatic decline in workplace injuries.

We passionately believe in supporting young talent and are proud of the relationship that we have created within our local community with the staff and students of Reading University.  Together, we have created our branding materials, our iconic 4Safe™ images and have set up a network of foreign language speakers to ensure our materials can be translated to suit the needs of any international company.

Our expertise is designed to stay with your teams – not just after we’ve left the site, but years down the line.  That’s why we use the latest technology to provide you with high quality, affordable support materials that can maximise the value of our programmes by continuing to educate your staff well into the future.