Manual Handling has traditionally been an add-on for trainers and managers alike but our approach is to give this costly issue some clear and concise instruction and support so that it can be effectively managed. 

We have used our vast experience in the field of ergonomics to create an understandable and highly effective step-by-step approach to lifting correctly.  Whether at home or at work, our 4Safe™ steps methodology to lifting has not only been designed for ease of delivery but more importantly, to make a significant difference in reducing one of the biggest causes of injury. 

Each of our manual handling courses is bespoke and unique.  By initially assessing the level and causation of risk in each task performed, we are able to provide tailored solutions that work for the individual and their business.  Our support materials are created using (and make reference to throughout) the risk assessment data – it is important to us that we ensure that the right level of guidance is offered throughout our programme and beyond.

A dedicated support team are on hand to maintain the relevance of the programme to meet the ever changing needs of your business and your people.

Should the worst happen, we can also assist in investigating any manual handling related accidents. Our aim with these is to identify causes and behaviours, and offer solutions on how to avoid a reoccurrence.

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