Video Production

Handling Change is able to offer you an exciting opportunity to extend the life and value of our training programmes by capturing your people performing a series of tasks and skills specific to your business, on video. 

For our Manual Handling programmes, we typically produce a 10-15 minute production depending on the scale and requirements of your organisation.  This can then also be cut down into a more compact ‘refresher’ video for regular six monthly or yearly viewing.

Our unique, discreet and unobtrusive approach to filming means that your business can continue as usual on filming days and we are able to add multi-lingual voice overs or subtitles to support the needs of your staff.


Trainer Packs

Each pack contains detailed course information and hints/tips for delivery to ensure a consistently high standard of competency from both trainers and delegates alike.


Bespoke Posters

We like to demonstrate the strong link between ‘work-home-life balance’ in all our support materials and our posters are each designed to illustrate the impact between the unique tasks performed within your business and the activities that people do at home.


Safe Systems of Work

These flexible documents (especially useful for reaching out to the ‘harder to reach’ areas of your business) are put together using stills from video footage, photographs taken during the risk assessment visit(s) or created with bespoke anatomical artwork. Each image is then supported with a step-by-step written guide…creating a big visual impact, right where it’s needed!


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